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Ensuring that your money continues growing throughout your business journey is something that Gremcore helps companies to achieve. Through thorough market research and careful analysis of investment trends, our consultants provide top quality advice that when applied help our clients increase their assets and monetary value.


• Undervalued Real Estates

o Our network of specialists will help you choose the most appropriate investment opportunities that you would otherwise not encounter. By conducting thorough market research, our agents identify property that has been priced below their true value, which is the best approach in ensuring a successful investment.


• Alternative Investments

o With an experienced team of consultants, we are able to advise on the most lucrative investment opportunities with companies that have yet to be listed. Gremcore understands that breaking into the capital market and boosting the company’s image is no easy task. Our consultants are able to advise on the best strategy, whether it be via the IPO or RTO route. IPO allows companies to sell new shares to the public, but may be a costly way of gaining access to the capital market. RTO is a less costly alternative that utilises back door listing by injecting listing business assets into an existing shell company. For the best-suited strategy to undertake, our consultants would need to conduct a thorough analysis of your company.


• Crowdfunding

o Crowdfunding is a great way to solve your corporate finance needs and overcome financial difficulties. It is considered a form of business loan where individuals invest in, and contribute to the costs required to fund a project. Besides getting capital, business owners also gain publicity and resources to help further their objectives, while obtaining a prospective pool of loyal customers.


• Business Brokerage

o As your chosen partner for business brokering services, we fully support you in all aspect of broker deals. These include the buying and selling of businesses, and connecting you with sellers or buyers from all over the world. Our value-added services also include the thorough screening of potential deals, marketing, and negotiating the best terms in order to close these deals.


• Debit Card Setups

o As part of our financial solutions, Gremcore also facilitates the setting up payment systems and company debit cards for payroll purposes.


• Brokerage Setup

o Gremcore’s team of specialists provide a comprehensive and in depth range of services, which include monitoring trades, setting up business ventures, assisting in the trading of foreign currency, and facilitating in white labelling services.