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Information technology


In a world where IT infrastructure form the crux of business operations, it is imperative to engage a reliable IT firm to aid in the set up of such systems and facilities. To help ensure smooth business operations right from the start and improve efficiency levels within the business, Gremcore provides a range of IT software and systems that meet the individual needs of each company. Our specialty lies in PIC claims and ICV vouchers. By maximising the grants offered, we help implement effective strategies for efficient business operations. Consult with one of our specialists today to discuss how we can help enhance your IT infrastructure.


• Accounting Systems
o Our professionals work together with you to customise the most efficient accounting solutions and systems that work for your company. For more information on the accounting software we provide, contact us today.


• HR & Payroll Software Systems
o Gremcore provides customised solutions for payroll management systems. Depending on the size and purpose of your business, single software may be more efficient and effective compared to the other.


• Inventory Management
o We aim to help our clients improve productivity levels and enhance the running of their business. To achieve this, Gremcore works together with our partners to design and devise customised inventory management solutions.


• CRM Systems
o Engaging with your customers on a personal level and maintaining a close relationship is what makes businesses stand out from the rest by injecting a human element. With our team of experts, we design and implement successful strategies for effective Customer Relationship Management systems. Through this strategy, clients are able to interact with, and obtain valuable feedback from their customers to help improve their business.


• Web Design & Development
o We understand the importance of having a fully optimised website to facilitate and support your business transactions in the digital age today. At Gremcore, we work with our partners to revamp or design and develop a website that informs online users what you can offer them. We will be there with you throughout the entire process to ensure you get the quality service you deserve.


• Mobile App Development
o Mobile Apps are increasingly becoming a large part of online marketing strategies today. Our professional consultants at Gremcore obtain a thorough understanding of your existing marketing and business strategies before working together with our partners to design and develop an App that adds value to your company and increases your conversion rates. Having a mobile app helps increase interaction with your customers and encourage open communication.


• Hardware Supply
o As part of our holistic solutions we provide to businesses, Gremcore works with only the best and most reliable partners to obtain all your hardware needs.