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Human Resource

As a country that only has people as its natural resource, we thoroughly understand the importance of hiring personnel that are not only qualified for the job, but also show initiative and conscientiousness in their work. To facilitate the management of your employees, we provide several services that include employment pass applications, monthly payroll administrative services, and the hiring of short-term or local part-time workers.


• Monthly Payroll
o Gremcore helps facilitate the monthly generation of payslips and the logistics of ensuring that the necessary CPF contributions are made. Having an automated system and reliable software for this important function enables the efficient running of other areas in the business.


• Employment Pass Applications
o With Singapore’s doors wide open to receive foreign talents come a huge pool of possibilities for local companies to employ managers, executives, specialists and skilled personnel from abroad. Gremcore liaises with the Ministry of Manpower and manages the logistics of applying for, and managing this employment pass for foreign talent acquisitions to companies. Get in touch with one of our professionals to find out more about the requirements and timeline regarding obtaining an employment pass in Singapore.


• Part-time Workers
o Gremcore also helps with managing the logistics of hiring local part time workers for short-term work required. Depending on your needs and requirements, we will help in the acquisition of the necessary manpower to meet your specifications.